Titan Targ  of Whispering Woods


Titan Black Angel

Joined Amtgard in the year of 2009, the month of showers April. Started out as a Wizard (because he was afraid of foam) and developing his skills eventually taking on several other classes to broaden his horizons, and gradually developed into a power swinger and a long-range hitter, before jumping ship and switching over to Wandering Ronin.

Is a big flurb and is always in character.

A silent type mostly, prefers to watch and study opponents, calculating attack strategies.

Roleplay Bio: Edit


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Titan:  His true name is a mystery.  Only thing known is he is of the Targ clan.  A Targ Shaman/Druid/Elemental Mage, whom has a fondness for smashing things. (More background to come)

Favorite quote:  "TITAN SMASH!"


Dyzan Constantine

Dyzan Constantine:  A Vampyric Egyptian Demon

Age: Over 5,000 since rebirth.

Race: Arch Demon/Arch Angel

Height: 6'9" normal form, 8' Demonic/God form.

Trade: Mage/Warrior/Assassin

Hair Color: Black

Eye Colors: Emerald, Red, Black, Silver, Blue or White.

Appearance: Wears a black leather duster, boots, leather pants, black silk shirt. Long flowing hair. Can have wings, whether in Demonic (in true form) or Angelic(whilst Dayzari takes control, can wear white). Is a Shifter, and can take many forms.


I was created as an Arch Angel, by the name of Dayzari, destined to be Lucifer's replacement in the high courts of Heaven. Let's just say I was.....misunderstood and exiled, falling from grace...

As I fell, I only knew of being lost in total darkness. It was during this time that I was snatched and taken, my soul devoured by the God Set and then reborn unto him as his Son.

Set had taken me during that crossroad point, I was merged with the blood of Daemon and Dragon. Becoming both, yet my Dragon half has always been chained within myself, never let to rise to the surface. Until the day comes when he'll be freed...

I'm the only one of my kind that I know of, being born from a God, being Daemon and Dragon. It wasn't until I tried assassinating Lucifer that I was cursed, by Set, to endure my Angelic half. In which now Dayzari haunts me for all Eternity...

Favorite quote:  ”You're damned to follow us into the path of Darkness, hiss at random holy things, drink their blood, and cook them with Mrs. Dash seasoning over an open fire.”

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Jak Whitefire

Jak Whitefire:  Exiled High Elf (more to come)

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Jacson Darkfire

Jacson Darkfire:  Darkling Assassin. (more to come)

Mance Deathstorm:  Vampire Necromancer (more to come)

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Alexander McLean

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Alexander McLean

Alexander McLean:  Shadowmancer Bountyhunter/Tracker. (more to come)

Maximus Valeck Rage:  Verndr Vampire (more to come)


Belted Family:Edit

Notable Accomplishments:Edit

Awards and Titles:Edit

1 Muse

1 Ruse

3 Tailors

2 Talons

Offices Held: Edit

Commissioner of the Kanto for 2 1/2 terms.