A Samurai is the highest level of title a player in Wandering Ronin may earn. It is a recognition of both a mastery of on-the-field skill and dedication, as well as off-the-field contributions to Wandering Ronin at all levels. Being a Samurai is a privilege and a responsibility, and there is a strict code of conduct and ethics to uphold. Any Knight found to be violating these rules may be summarily stripped of his rank and privileges.

There are four types of Samurai in Wandering Ronin:

The Tiger Samurai: Edit

The Tiger Samurai is based upon the animal it is named for. Swift, silent, powerful, and precise, a Tiger strikes with the deadliest of intent. A Tiger Samurai is the personification of that animal. The Tiger Samurai is renowned for his skills in battle, both in single combat and on the field in mass battle.

The Hawk Samurai:Edit

The Hawk Samurai is based upon the King of the skies. Fierce, proud, just, un-biased, and powerful, a Hawk is a leader to be both feared and respected. The Hawk Samurai reminds us that being a leader requires heart and passion above all else. The Hawk Knight is revered for his leadership skills, both at the smallest and the largest levels.

The Ox Samurai:Edit

The Ox Samurai is based upon the famous work beast known throughout the world. Steady, plodding, methodical, the ox does the heavy lifting and work no one else wants to, and does it without complaint or seeking rewards other than the basics. The Ox Samurai serves as a fine example of selfless sacrifice to make Wandering Ronin a better experience for all who participate.

The Dragon Samurai:Edit

The Dragon Samurai is a homage to the crafty lizard. A Dragon can very quietly build a nest, a trap, a lair, or a good sunning spot. It can strike without notice, being both astute and cunning. The Dragon always surprises its opponents with its dazzling speed, efficiency, and creative ways. The Dragon Samurai is the penultimate craftsman of Wandering Ronin, and teaches us all better ways to fight that do not rely solely on weapon skills.

First Samurai of Wandering Ronin

Black Angel