The Regent of a chapter is a wearer of many hats. First, they are the second highest officer, falling only below the monarch of the chapter. Second, it is their responsibility to see to it that players not only make garb for the field, but to teach the non-combat crafts (art, craftmanship, etc). The Regent is to see that the game does not degenerate into nothing more than the "weekly meeting of the beat-sticks". The goals are to improve the players abilities outside of the scope of combat, so that the whole of Wandering Ronin may benefit from that knowledge. Also, a Regent helps teach role-play and guides players when they have questions about it.

In different chapter levels, the Regent is known by different titles. Below is the list of those titles, by chapter:

Fief - Councilor

Province - Commissioner

Prefecture - Advisor

Empire - Regent