An Imperial Reign lasts for one calender year. The Emperor is elected, with the Coronation being held later at The Pilgrimage. An Imperial Reign is a time for setting the role-play tone for the year, and for helping to make Wandering Ronin grow. While the Empire itself have little actual direct power, it can influence game events on a local level through Proclamations, Decrees, and Declarations. During an Imperial Reign, it is advised that all Imperial officers attempt to visit several chapters from several Prefectures in order to stay in touch with the local groups, get feedback from them, and generally make it known the Empire cares for the smaller groups than it is comprised of. A good Imperial Reign may have a theme (Crush the Rebellion!, Death to the Foreigners!, Expand and Conquer!, etc), and the Imperial Officers should do the utmost to encourage all Fiefs to participate in this theme.