Hawk's Haven, a fief, in the Province of The Void, in the Prefecture of The Labyrinth  Edit

Date founded: March 30, 2014


Mayor:  Cameron SilverhawkEdit
Councilor:  Valkor BlackdragonEdit
Guardian:  Aeroloth LorienEdit
Magistrate:  Leom MalkovEdit



Hawk's Haven was brought to us by Cameron Silverhawk, he taught us the game and has been a big part of it's growth and the major role in the creation. Since then we have a core of about 12 but each day ranges depending. We hope to grow and add a lot to this town and Wandering Ronin as a whole.

Role-play background:Edit

Some say it is off the coast, that only the worthy shall find it. Some say it is like the Heavens you must earn a spot. Others see it as a myth or a place you hope for in your dreams but for others it is a battlefield. The greatest warriors faught on it's shores. Their blood stained the grass and their war cries filled the air. They battled for honor, glory and the thrill of battle. Like the hawks that call it home the warriors on this land hunt down each other to prove who is the strongest and bravest. For most it is a land of legends but for the legends it is a haven.


Location and information: Mt. Carmel City Park, Mt. Carmel ILEdit

Hawk's Haven is located in Mt. Carmel Illinois. We play every sunday at 1pm and every thursday at 5pm. Fighter practice is on tuesdays around 5pm and our A&S is on saturdays at 6pm. A&S is not at the park. Please contact an officer or member for more information.

Player Credits:Edit