The government structure of Wandering Ronin is one that derives its power from the people it serves. While in role-playing mode, your Governor may be an insufferable tyrant, but in real life he must be a fair and competent leader. The following rules have been decided and implemented to allow for fair and balanced game play as well as an organized structure for your chapter to follow. They also assist you and your chapter in achieving a high standard in Wandering Ronin, furthering your enjoyment of the game.

The Empire is the highest level of chapter in Wandering Ronin. Ruled by an Emperor/Empress, it has power mainly for awards and titles, role-playing, and oversight of the smaller chapters. In the mundane terms of things, the Empire has very limited control over the week-to-week activites and such of the lower chapters.

Park levels:

Empire: Ruled by Emperor.

Prefecture: Two or more Provinces banded together geographically to form a government.

Each Province may join with any ADJOINING Province to make a Prefecture. No Provinces that fail to share a common geographical border shall be made into Prefectures.

Named at the local level.

Province: Three or more active Fiefs within a specific geographical area.

Named at the local level.

Fief: local, single park.

Named at the local level.