The Dragon Knight is one of the four classes of Knight in the game of Wandering Ronin. A Dragon Knight is awarded the title based upon their skill in crafting all things that pertain to Wandering Ronin, from simple garb to fantasy artwork pertaining to an Imperial Reign. A Dragon Knight is considered one the best at showing and teaching others how to fully enjoy and enrich Wandering Ronin from aspects other than combat, and should be treated as such.

From the Rulebook:

"The Dragon Knight is a homage to the crafty  lizard. A Dragon can very quietly build a nest, a trap, a lair, or
a good sunning spot. It can strike without notice, being both astute and cunning. The  Dragon always surprises its
opponents with its dazzling speed, efficiency, and creative ways. The Dragon Knight is the penultimate
craftsman of Wandering Ronin, and teaches us all better ways to fight that do not rely solely on weapon skills.
Masterhood of ANY class.
Masterhood of the following 3 disciplines:


White leather belt with green trim.
Acts as regent when there is no regent present. May act as Judicator if desired. Adds 1 extra life to any GARBED
members of any team he is leading during a battlegame/event."

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