Dark Fury Black Angel , of Elemental Fields

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Started LARPing in 2009 under another game, joined the Black Angels in that game, and switched to Wandering Ronin in late 2012 when the company departed the former game. She prefers heavy armored combat and shields with a mixture of different weapons. Often under-estimated for her size and quiet nature, more than once she has stunned her opponents with her aggressive attack style.

Roleplay Bio: Edit

Dark Fury is decended from Viking blood, although she has no claim from any ancestors. Her primary goal is to fight her enemies across the planes and make herself worthy of Odin's glory, so that when her end finally comes the Valkyries will carry her away to the halls of Vahalla where she might fight every day and feast every night. Her goals as a member of the Black Angels is to bring honor and glory to the land of Wandering Ronin with her company mates and charge into battle with them, sword and shield ever ready.


Black Angel Mercenary Corps

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Notable Accomplishments:Edit

Garbed and fighting from her second trip to the field.

Earned her company position by "squirreling" her commanding officer.

Kept her cool and never got mad when her tent was set on fire with her in it. (Blame Mayhem)

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