Crimson Black Angel, of RequiemEdit

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Crimson, with his partner Amethyst


Icefyre is the son of Bakore. He likes to go to Wandering Ronin and watch himself and others have a great time. He tries to participates in all of the days battlegames, and has a blast doing it. He started out playing Amtgard, but switched over to Wandering Ronin. He actually likes Wandering Ronin better than Amtgard.

Roleplay Bio:Edit

            He hails from the ancient dimension of K'acthaat, or "Dragonland" in human tongue. Icefyre is a changeling, who can morph into a dragonborn, a dragon, and back again.

Icefyre watched his parents die in a merciless murder. The shock was indescribable, and he was eight years old; old enough to know not to fight back, for he could not win. He fled. Into the forest. Through the plains. Across the rivers. He traveled a great distance, until ending up in a large settlement. He was welcomed with open arms, and was offered food, water, money, a place to rest for the night, and a ride into the city of London. He never saw them after that.

Icefyre entered the city, lost with a pocketful of gold. The first building he entered had a sign that had the word "Training" written on it. Inside, the sight of grown men beating each other was a surprise. He walked up a flight of stairs, and beheld a man at a desk, looking for new fighters. Icefyre approached, but then was instructed to leave, deemed too young. However, Icefyre expected this. After many years passed, his skills grew greatly. He even learned how to control his changes. He ended up settling with a large shield in which he could hide behind, and a short sword with a curved handle. His backstabbing fighting styles stayed with him, but he also went into battle, standing his ground. Life was great.

However, Icefyre obtained word of something; something wrong. The men who had helped him in his time of need were the ones who killed his parents! But that wasn't all. Icefyre had been poisoned by Lorithius, or "The Reaper's Powder." He had 99,984 years left to live. Icefyre then vowed that he would make sure he would go to hell, and drag the men he ended his parents' lives with him.


Black Angel Mercenary Corps

Belted Family:Edit

Notable Accomplishments:Edit

Awards and Titles:Edit

1st Order of the Talon by Steward October 25, 2014

1st Order of the Muse by Mayhem February 22, 2015

Offices Held:Edit

Chief of The Void