Craft Faires are to be held approximately one (1) month before Coronations. The date can vary depending on other Coronations in the area, or even joint Craft Faires may be held (a Fief holding theirs with the Province, which is the same weekend in the next town over). In the event of a joint Craft Faire, each chapter’s entries should be judged separate from each other for the purposes of victories and awards, unless otherwise decided by joint chapter vote and announced two weeks beforehand.

The Craft Faire has a total of seven (7) categories that may be entered, each one no more than three (3) times per event. Judging is done on a basis of five (5) areas:

Skill of Building:       (how well built, how sturdy, etc)

Practicality:                (how well the item fulfills it designated purpose, how easy to use, etc)

Originality:                 (is this item different in some ways that are better than others like it, uniqueness, etc)

Aesthetics:                  (how well does the item look for what it is intended for, how close to period appearance, etc)

Accuracy:                   (use of period-style materials, period construction methods, etc)