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The Black Angel Mercenary Corps (usual referred to simply as the Black Angels) is a group of fighters hand picked and chosen for a specific skill set. They work hard on teamwork drills, armored combt skills, and unorthodox tactics. Available to hire at events as a group, and sometimes in various numbers for daily events, they seek to better their skills and spread their reputation. Specializing in defensive tactics, small unit tactics, and shock troops, they can also be found as enforcers and guards. Their motto is their sacred creed, and each member knows it.

"Proud to live, proud to die!"Edit

This motto means more than it seems: all Black Angels know that it is better to die on their feet than live on their knees, and take great pride in dying before submission. Often outnumbered on the battlefield, they realize that the goal of that day's combat may be simply to stall long enough, bloody their enemies enough, hold a patch of ground long enough, or distract other troops long enough for the battle to be won by others on their team. Regardless of the particular goal of that battle, their personal goals remain the same: take as many enemies to hell with you as you can. They do, however, have a particular code of honor and system of traditions that they use on the field, with the most common being the "Bid Down". To betray a Black Angel is to earn a certain hatred from the whole team, and will usually result in them fighting for free against you as often as possible, or raising your rates to triple (up front) the next time you hire them. They will not, however, betray an employer unless they are betrayed first.


Backlash Black Angel

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In Memorium:Edit

Vixen Black Angel (died October 31, 2011)

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Show off her tongue stud, which was a skull. She got it so she could "skull fuck" people. O.o